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Mortis Labs

We pride ourselves on specializing in connecting advertisers with their target audience through performance based marketing and related solutions.

Founded by industry veterans, we build high converting marketing campaigns around an advertiser's campaign goals in order to achieve the highest return on investment.

Our team offers exclusive online lead generation. We are experts in executing various marketing projects such as aggressive media buying, data monetization, reputation management, SEO/SEM, creative and design services, email marketing, massive social media exposure and offer performance-based pricing options.

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We’re not afraid to get in there and get our hands dirty.

Mortis Labs is an exclusive full-service performance marketing firm that specializes in connecting advertisers with their target audience through online media.

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We care what our customers think of us.

"The kind of expert I was looking for. Mortis Labs can do all sorts of magic with media buying. We worked on a complex problem and i'm very happy with the outcome!"

Phillip Atkinson

Managing Director, VistaVU Solutions

“These guys are really great. They always asked the right questions. Very helpful and finished project milestones early.”

Amelia White

CEO, Amelie Beauty